I’m starting to run out of shows and movies that I have watched and feel like talking about. I thought I had an endless amount of movie and shows to explore but after 12 short weeks I’ve started low. So, this week I’ve decided to look at a show I’ve only watched a couple of times but has a cult following Dexter.

As I’ve stated I’ve only watched it a couple times and started in the middle of a season. My first impression of this show is it is just plain creepy. I couldn’t understand how so many individuals could get engulfed in a show about a serial killer.  The actor who plays Dexter is absolutely amazing in the show and I truly believe he is a serial killer.  I can’t exactly put my finger on it but I just did not like it. I find it somewhat disturbing to be watching a show about a serial killer. However, so many people I know are totally in love with it, including my parent, my sister, and numerous friends.

So many people have become engaged in a show where the main character is a serial killer of serial killers, who is also a police officer. He only kills bad people but he is still killing people and is crazy.  My parents just recently started watching Dexter and have really started caring about Dexter. They are now talking about it whenever I go to visit. They are even talking about buy all the box series so they can watch them all without interruption. They are so engaged that they have tried to convince me to give the show another chance.

For some reason, there is just something that I am missing when it comes to this show. My guess is that I miss some critical character development within the first season that I have not seen.  It seems like a very complex show with a lot of detail, which is something that keeps drawing me back. I will give Dexter another chance because so many people whose opinions I really respect love it but I will have to watch from the beginning.


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