The title says 50/50 but this is a 100 percent winner when it comes to a good movie.  This movie was inspired by a true story of a 27-year old man who is diagnosed with cancer. In this comedy it shows his struggles to beat these disease that gives him a 50 / 50 chance to live.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Adam who is diagnosed with a rare from of spinal cancer.  Gordon-Levitt plays this role perfectly because he is very easy to get attached to.  The audience really cares about Adam and his journey with a disease that has effected so many.

Seth Rogan plays Kyle, Adam’s best friend, he really bring the humor to the movie. Kyle doesn’t know how to react to the news of his friend having cancer. He deals with the bad news by making jokes that make him seem insensitive but he does truly care about his friend.

Anna Kendrick plays Adam’s grieving therapist. Her character starts off as a punching bag for Adam but is someone he really begins to trust.  He begins to open up about his feelings and this interaction between the two of them really begins to blur the lines of doctor and friends.

Anjelica Huston plays Adam’s mother and is one of the characters that really grow on the audience.  She is an overbearing mother who is very controlling over her son. She is also caring for her husband who Alzheimer’s disease.  She is living the fear of every mother and is a very heartfelt character.

This ensemble cast is put together extremely well and is an excellent movie. This movie shows the emotions that individuals go through when they are suffering from cancer.  Even when Adam was telling everyone he was fine he was holding in a lot. His composure does eventually begin to unravel, as the seriousness of his situation becomes a reality.

This is a very good movie that gives a bit of humor to a serious situation. The best movies mix humor and drama to the perfect ratio. 50/50 gives that perfect ratio to the audience.


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