Big Bang Theory

In this blog I have looked at a lot of different genres and have mostly been complementary of the shows or movies I’ve written about. This next show is one that I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it.

The Big Bang Theory has its moments that are really funny and than those that are really annoying. When I first saw the show I absolutely could not stand Sheldon. He was the annoying smart guy who is just completely unreasonable. As I continued to watch because it is on the CW late and the only thing to watch, I started being able to pay attention to other characters.

I started to like Leonard and Penny, they are the sweet couple who is playing the will they won’t they game of romance. I like Penny and her character; she is pretty cool and deals with a bunch of nerdy guys who live across the hall. Leonard is somehow best friends with Sheldon. He is the least nerdy of the group and is the leader of the nerds.  The other nerds in the show have their moments of funny along with their moments of complete dork.

Sheldon is the character that a lot of people watch the show for but he turned me off from the show a bit. I can’t understand if this was in real life how people would be able to stand Sheldon.

That’s the point of the show is to show these extremely intelligent characters and make fun of them. It is a funny show that definitely grew on me but is not one of my favorites. I will watch it if I see it on but I don’t actively go out of my way to watch it.Image

I’ve haven’t watched any of the shows in order but it is an easy show to keep up with. Each episode has its own story with a beginning, middle, and an end, so watching in order is not necessary. This show is a hit or miss for me. I can’t give it a glowing recommendation but it is at least worth watching a couple episodes.


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