Not a Wreck but a Big Win

So far I have written about drama, comedy, and action, but what I haven’t written about is animated movies. I don’t watch all that many animated movies but some how I watched two animated movies this week, Wreck it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians. Wreck it Ralph is one of the best-animated movies I have seen in a really long time. I absolutely loved that movie. Rise of the Guardians is a solid movie but just didn’t hold my attention, so I’m going to rave about Wreck it Ralph.

I’m a fan of a lot of other animated movies like, Shrek, Monster Inc, and Finding Nemo. As an adult there needs to be a certain element to an animated movie to make it appealing. One thing about animated movies is there aren’t big named actors to really draw the audience in. I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan so I will go and watch any of her movies, but big name actors don’t carry animated movies. So having the story and the characters is really important especially for adults to watch.  All these movies have that appeal and the newest addition is Wreck it Ralph.


Wreck it Ralph has a really good story that has a ton of heart and makes everyone cheer for Ralph and Glitch.  It had some old video game references that would give 30-year-old men nostalgia and enough character appeal for any aged woman.

Ralph is the hero / villain, he’s the hero of the movie but the villain in his own video game. He is not happy with his villain status and is set on becoming a hero.  He jumps through various games and meets a wide range of characters.

I watched this movie with my 9 and 7-year-old nieces. They were engulfed in the movie and were quiet the entire time watching, this coming from little girls who can’t sit still to save their lives.  If that isn’t enough of a glowing recommendation for a movie I don’t know what is.

This is the movie to watch if you want a movie for the whole family. It will keep the attention of kids and adults will love the characters.


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