Twitter, better than expected

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Twitter. I joined a couple years ago but never used it. I’m addicted to Facebook and I felt like I was cheating on Facebook if I used my Twitter account. Under pressure from my business partner I’m now posting some and proud to announce I have 43 followers.  Of course my business partner is around 500 but hey baby steps.

Some of the things I really like about Twitter is that it’s a bit more global, I can connect with people from all over with so different backgrounds. I’m able to follow celebrities, sport icons and so many other individuals. Twitter is more open compared to Facebook. There is more of a connection with Twitter. I feel like I can stay up to date on real news besides just friends and family news on Facebook. On Facebook you are able to make what you say somewhat private where Twitter is a more out there for everyone to see. This can be good and bad, you’re able to communicate with people and businesses that wouldn’t else be available.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.08.40 PMA story that really stuck with me was about how JJ Watt of the Houston Texans saw a video on Twitter about a little girl crying that she wouldn’t be able to marry him. He thought it was so adorable that he actually when out and found her and propose to her with a ring pop. This is just one example of how Twitter connects everyone and gives everyone a voice.  This type of interaction between celebrity and everyone else is what makes Twitter special.

What I don’t like about Twitter is the same thing that I like it is just so open. Nothing is private on Twitter and that is something that I have to continue to keep in mind when posting. On my Facebook, the only people I’m friends with are actually real acquaintances.

Twitter is slowly growing on me but Facebook is still my favorite. I’m now using Twitter as mostly a way to promote my business. Hopefully, eventually I will feel comfortable enough to use Twitter to its full capacity.


2 responses to “Twitter, better than expected

  1. I agree that twitter allows for people to stay more in touch especially with celebrities. Twitter offers a “verified” twitter account so you can see the tweets exactly as they come from your favorite celebrity. It also boasts very different mannerisms and unspoken rules compared to Facebook. In noticing how much more open it is, it is more acceptable to tweet many times a day, whereas on Facebook if you update your status too often, you are deemed annoying.
    I also was slow to get into twitter and made it from peer pressure of a friend but I find I like it more. It seems to be more lighthearted and many tweets often seems to be sarcastic or tweeted in a joking manner. I think this allows for a more fun experience without all the drama and seriousness that is often posted on Facebook. I agree that something that sounds as simple as twitter has a lot to get to used to and it really just takes time, I’m still learning twitter etiquette and how to best use it myself and I’ve had it a few years.

    Good luck with your business promotion via social media!

  2. I too am a late bloomer where Twitter is concerned. Facebook took no time at all to get the hang of. This class certainly has helped me see Twitter in a different light. It has helped me see the way people or companies use it to promote their brands or causes and the tremendous results they have had. I now think I will actually enjoy using it once I develop an effective action plan. I also realize that I have to be ready to interact regularly with other Twitterers and that I have to be intentional when it comes to developing good content which will be super important.

    I agree with you about the simplicity of Twitter when it comes to keeping up with celebrities and such. I realize that I can friend a celebrity I like on Facebook and I would still get updates from them but the experience of following them on Twitter makes it feel like we are interacting one-on-one as if I know them personally.

    I guess this is why celebrities and business owners are now taking a closer look themselves at how they interact on Twitter.

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