Have you met Ted?

I’m a big fan of television, as you haven’t already noticed; I created a blog solely to voice my opinion on television shows and movies. I grew up watching “Friends” and it is still one of my favorite shows. I have watched every single episode in the ten seasons. I love “Friends” and continue to watch the reruns and it will always hold a special place in my heart but a new sit-com is creeping into that place, How I Met Your Mother.

I started watching How I Met Your Mother about a year ago on Netflix and I instantly feel in love with the characters. People I know who are television snobs have fallen in love with a show. If that isn’t enough of an endorsement continue reading. How I Met Your Mother is one of those stories that everyone can relate to, the pining late 20’s guy looking for love in the big city, Ted. He has a group of loyal friends that everyone can relate to, Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Barney.

The story revolves around Ted and him telling his kids how he met their mother and this narrative frames each episode. Ted and his friends live in New York City. Ted is an out of luck guy who only wants to find the one. As he searches for the one he has ups and down and is shown in a unique humor.

All the characters are amazing. Marshall and Lilly are the loveable couple that everyone wants to be. They are the rock behind the group and bring a bit of charm. They are the constant support group for Ted and just want a woman for him that they can all grow old together.

Robin’s character is a bit complicated because she is the first love interest of Teds but quickly we learn she only ends up being Aunt Robin. She adds humor and turns into the best friend of Lilly.

Barney is awesome, or is it Legen-wait-for-dairy. Barney is the loveable womanizer, yes lovable. He is hilarious and gives the cast the bit of spunk. Without Barney the show would be about a sad guy who dates a lot sitting around drinking beer with his friends. Barney brings the adventure to the show.

Now you just have to ask yourself, “Have you met Ted?” (Anyone who has watched the show will get the last couple references. If you haven’t, you better get on it, the rest of the country is already watching.)


One response to “Have you met Ted?

  1. Okay, you stirred my curiosity for “How I Met Your Mother.” I was similarly hooked on the show “Will & Grace” so much so that I bought the entire 8 season DVD collection and I still watch it over and over.

    I kind of share your love for television I just don’t have much time to watch it like I would want and I certainly love interactively watching my favorite shows with Facebook or Twitter. It’s like having a conversation with someone who equally loves the shows I do. It’s kind of like having an intellectual conversation with someone which can be enjoyable. You just don’t have to engage in a large conversation, only short comments.

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