Alien and Aliens

I’m 22 years old and this weekend I watched Alien and Aliens for the first time. I know, I know, Alien is a classic and how could I make it to 22 without watching it. My sister was so shocked that I hadn’t watched it she immediately made me.

It was so hyped by my sister and her boyfriend, I though all it could do is disappoint, but it didn’t. I first watched Alien and I really enjoyed it and I had to follow it up with Aliens.  Being these movies were created in 1979 and 1986 I found them very entertaining. I liked how the director thought technology would look in the future; I actually got a laugh out of it. Especially the room that held mother because it had a lot of white and blinking lights and that was what people thought the future would look like. That would have been interpreted completely differently and would have been full of holograms and touch screens.  The Dos computer though is the best because it completely dates the movie. Aliens on the other hand didn’t really show the technology gaps, which allowed me to get a bit more involved.

Even with those little things that show they are older movies, they held my attention and were believable. I’ve become so mesmerized by the special features that are now available that I sometimes forget about the story. Alien and Aliens are character movies that are created by a good story and even without the special features are excellent movies.

Movies now days rely too much on special features and the ability to tell a story with visuals. These movies told the stories through the characters and didn’t need all the special features.

Alien and Aliens was a pleasant break from today horror movies that are all about gore.  I would choose Alien and Aliens over today’s movies because they told the story without having to desensitize the audience. Even though there was an alien running around the space ship killing people I never once thought it was gruesome. The story was told the right way and a lot of moviemakers today could take a page out of the Alien and Aliens book.

I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Image


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