NFL meet Social Media

To be honest I’m a little bit of follow and like snob, I only follow or like the pages of businesses I think will give me information I want. I think the pages you follow show a bit of who you are. One page that I do follow and that I actually pay attention to is, the Green Bay Packers official page.

The NFL and the Packers are a huge organization with resources and have the ability to use social media to their advantage.

I think the Packers use the Facebook page very effectively. All of the post are Packer related and would be of interest to any Packer fan. The last five posts have been on the draft and articles written by the staff of the Packers the future of the team. I’ve noticed during the season the cover page is updated to a special picture related to that game. The Packers Facebook page is always up-to-date.  However, the Facebook page is more for information that for interaction.

The Packers twitter page is the same way as the Facebook page. It has the same post and is probably using HootSuite type software to disperse information. While many other companies have used Twitter as an interaction site, the rules are a little different for an NFL team. They are going to have fans no matter what and they really don’t have to answer customer satisfaction questions.

The Packers do have a blog within the main website and is linked to on most of the Facebook and Twitter posts. The Packers have a couple writers on staff to write about the team and different team related topics. They do not have a YouTube channel but have video on the website. The videos are of press conferences and video for every type of fan.

I like what the Packers are doing, every now and then they post about winning tickets to the games, but mostly it is for information. One thing every true fan wants is to be is informed about what is going on.

If I worked for the Packers I would continue doing what they are doing but I would try to get a couple more Google+ hangout chats with players and fans.  Which is something they are already doing but I would recommend a couple more. Nothing makes a fan feel like they are more part of the team than being able to talk to the star quarterback.


2 responses to “NFL meet Social Media

  1. Pretty neat Packers site. I forgot that options people can access with their IPhone or Android phone would be important to their customers or followers. It was interesting how they they talk about the benefits of downloading this app:

    •COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORY of official Packers bars and restaurants
    •INTERACTIVE MAPS for finding official Packers bars and restaurants, getting directions, and storing your favorites
    •EXCLUSIVE OFFERS on beverages, food, and merchandise at official Packers Everywhere establishments
    •FACEBOOK & FOURSQUARE INTEGRATION to invite your friends to join you at games and events
    •PHOTO UPLOADING to share your pride with other Packers fans
    •ACCESS to exclusive Packers Everywhere content and contests

    For big Packers fans (or any sports fan), this would be ideal.

    Now, the “Become An Official Bar” tab was different. If you are a bar (or similar establishment), you could give them information, post an image, fill any ‘specials’ you are running and they will promote it for you…free advertising. The Packers establishment would then offer them invitations to go to that bar. What a great deal for bar owners.

    While I didn’t see as much concentration on the blog or as Guy Kawasaki talked about Evangelizing a Blog, it is still an aspect of social media that works for the Green Bay Packers market.

  2. I, too, am kind of a snob about who I follow or like, simply because I do not want a lot of useless or information I don’t particularly care for clogging up my feeds. I do follow a few professional sports teams and I experience something similar, it is mostly information based. You also bring up a good point that the fans are interested in the team not solely reliant on the social media site. i think this can give them a great deal of leeway. The companies may not have to rely on social medias as heavily as other companies would because the greater part of their business is the sales from games and merchandise. The only place they could potentially make some fans angry is if they are not tweeting or updating with the scores fast enough, for those people that are not watching the game in real time.

    I think a good suggestion would be for professional sports teams to offer exclusive interviews or Skype sessions with players or coaches, this could give their sites a feeling of exclusivity and potentially attract a bigger and more active and interactive fan base for the team’s social media.

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