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Kill Influence Scores; Improve Influence Marketing by @Samfiorella

This blog from Sam Fiorella called Kill Influence Scores; Improve Influence Marketing, I found to be very interesting because I’ve recently tried to figure out search engine optimization. This is a very tricky art and has become very frustrated with how websites are rated. Social media is very similar with Kloud, Kret and PeerIndex and how this sites rank social media accounts.

It’s sad because there are a lot of interesting social media accounts through businesses and individuals which aren’t getting ranking they deserve. They usually have low ranking because they don’t know how to work the system.

Very similar to Search Engine Optimization for websites getting ranked for keywords is super important to getting found. Without having the insider knowledge of these complex algorithms individuals and business accounts get lost in the shuffle.

What I found very interesting about this blog by Sam is that he points out site that boast about getting Fortune 500 companies Klout etc up, don’t actually publically post their score.  There is something shady going on there.  If the site trying to help these companies can’t even be forthright with there scores then how can they be trusted.

While I want to disagree with having scores, there is a need for a ranking system. In this new Internet and social media world this is how business separate them. I am more frustrated with how hard it is to find out information to get those scores up.

This doesn’t influence my social media views at all. I think social media is an important marketing tool and I plan to invest a good bit of time to figuring out the complex rules of ranking in SEO and social media.

Having just struggled with SEO for the past week this blog post by Sam sparked interest in me. While I know these types of ranking are here to stay, I really wish they were easier to understand.  I have to keep telling myself, if it was easy everyone would do it and you would out of a job.  This blog was more about how frustrated I am with SEO but I will figure it out!

Here a link to the original blog:


3 responses to “Social Media Rankings

  1. I think this blog sounds very interesting. I recently applied for an internship that requested my Klout score, I was really unfamiliar with the concept and was confused as to how my score was tabulated. It also made me feel pretty unpopular. With all the different websites for this sort of tool, it makes me believe that some are more reliable and honest than others. It also seems that there is a need for a set criteria for what influences a companies social media success rating. I feel as if companies are going to look more and more toward the social media ranking systems to gauge success and this will be very confusing as first. With all the new interest in social media I believe there will have to be a push for one reliable and endorsed system or means of ranking social media pretty soon.

    • Kristen, it’s interesting (and more than a little concerning to me) that an internship would ask for a Klout score. Klout’s allegedly a “social media ranking system” that has caused quite a bit of a problem for people. It’s been a topic of debate for a while now between social media professionals. (We’ll be talking about it a little later in class)

      I agree with the need for a measuring criteria, but I think it should be based on what you’re actually doing online for work, not a random number. Would you be willing to send me a Blackboard Learn message with the name of the company that required your Klout score?

  2. I very recently became familiar with Klout myself, and since I found out about it, I too have been trying to figure out how it works. The only thing I worry is that if the methods for ranking are revealed content could possibly be tailored to meeting certain metrics that are overall detrimental to the overall quality of said content. Also certain viable platforms may be ignored because they have little Klout influence. Whatever the case may end up being, it is an interesting story and will be one to watch over the next few years in the social media community.

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