People Like Us

People Like Us is a 2012 movie from DreamWorks pictures staring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Pfeiffer.  This all-star cast was brought together for this funny but serious family drama.

Chris Pine plays Sam a fast talking salesman, who’s wheeling and dealing gets him in trouble with the federal government the day he finds out his father has pasted away. Him and his father had an estranged relationship and he begrudgingly returns home to get his father’s estate in order. He then discovers something that will turn his life upside down, his father left behind $150,000 for a sister and nephew he never known about.  He then has a dilemma, to take the money he desperately needs or give it to his struggling sister.

Frankie played by Elizabeth Bank is Sam’s sister, who has struggled with her son and alcohol abuse. Frankie is a bartender and has been dealing with her abandonment issue because of her father.  At her AA meeting she reveals that her father just died and she was unmentioned in the newspaper, while Sam and his mother were both. Sam wanting to find out more about his half-sister lies to about being a fellow AA member. He then begins engulfing himself in her and her son’s life.

This is a heartwarming movie that is very touching. The characters are very relatable and the audience truly begins to care for them. Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks are amazing in this movie.  The chemistry between the characters is great.

Michelle Pfeiffer who plays Sam’s mother is terrific in this movie. She is the perfect supporting actress to Sam and Frankie.  She adds to the ensemble with the perfect touch of drama and inspiration to Sam. Her character is the catalyst for Sam to be a better man.

It’s easy to get lost within this movie for 113 minutes. This is not an intellectual movie but it is a good family drama with a touch of charm. I would recommend this movie for one of those days where you are looking for a semi-serious movie with a bit of humor.


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