A show you might have missed..Chuck

ImageA couple years back I discovered a show on NBC called Chuck. I randomly choose it and ended up falling in love with the show. The show was created in 2007 and lasted five seasons. Most people I talk to haven’t even heard of Chuck.  It was a fan favorite with a very small but powerful following; NBC tried cancelling it twice before its fifth and final season but had such a backlash it lasted longer. Why was it loved?

Chuck is an average “nerd” who gets to live the life of a secret spy by accident. He gets a super secret intelligence computer implanted in his head and needs protecting from the CIA and NSA’s best, Sarah and Casey.  Chuck needless to say gets himself into trouble each episode and needs the assistance of his handlers.

This could be your average spy, super action, television show but this show has character. The story arches get the audience invested in the show and the characters. Every one of the characters the audience grows to love.

Chuck Bartowski, played by Zachary Levi, works for the Burbank Buy More as the manager of the Nerd Herd. He is the loveable loser who through trials and tribulations finally finds his place in the world.

Sarah Walker, played by Yvonne Strahovski, is the super CIA agent sent to protect and hide Chuck from those who want the information in his head. She plays his fake girlfriend and slowly her walls begin to breakdown.

John Casey, played by Adam Baldwin, is the stone-face killer of the NSA. His grunt responses are his signature lines but within the hard exterior is a guy who really cares about Chuck and Sarah.

There is also the assortment of casts beyond the big three. There is Morgan Grimes who is Chuck best friends and the comedic relief of all the tense spy drama. Chuck’s sister and brother-in-law, Ellie and Captain Awesome, bring the family and the heart to the show.  Then there are the crazy characters from the Buy More.

This is one show I would recommend to anyone. I loved the show from beginning to end and was sad to see it end. Luckily for the watchers, NBC gave Chuck the proper send off before cancelling. Watch the first couple episodes and you will be hooked, Chuck is the show that you might have missed.


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