Social Media, is it important?

Class Topic – Social Media important?

Social media is the hot marketing tool used by companies to promote their brand and provide customer care, but is it that important? If you were a CEO of a company would you have social media as part of your marketing? Would you hire a Social Media expert? This is the question so many businesses are trying to figure out.

In my opinion, social media is an important part of marketing that is now necessary for businesses to have a full reach to their target market. Social media is a way to gain interaction and exposure with consumers.  When a consumer is thinking about buying something, they go to the Internet. If your business can be one of the top searches your odds of selling something increase. Social media is especially important for business just getting going without a big marketing budget.  While accounts for social media are free the expertise to be able to use them is not.  Is it still worth it?

A Social Media Expert is now the key to being able to reach the marketing potential and is worth it.  Managing a social media site is not as easy as most people would believe. Make a post here, make a tweet there, but making sure the right message is supplied with a creative twist is the what makes a social media campaign successful. Without having an individual who can properly manage the accounts, the accounts will be worthless.


Peter Shankman argued that a Social Media Expert isn’t worth the time or money, that there needs to be a full fledge marketing plan. While, it’s about generating revenue through solid marketing a way to get stellar customer service is through social media. Social media is an avenue to give a company a personal touch. The interaction between the customers and the company is what makes social media such a unique avenue.

Marketing have been evolving since the beginning of time. Social media is what it has evolved into so far and it will continue to change. Social media is a tool in the toolbox for any company.  Why shouldn’t a company use every tool it has.

I do believe that social media can only take a businesses marking so far, but it is an important step to reaching a companies marketing potential.



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