From the director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith comes “Jumper” stars Hayden Christensen as a young adult who has teleporting ability.

The movie starts with the main character, David Rice, as he explains how he has the best life in the world because he is a jumper. It shows how he first discovered the power after falling in a frozen lake and almost drowning. Everyone in the school, including the girl next door, Millie (Rachel Bilson) sees him fall in the lake and believes him dead. His bad home life makes him decides to leave similar to his mother who left when he was young. He has been able to grow up using his powers to his advantage, robbing banks and leaving “I owe you” notes, until an ancient battle erupts on his doorstep between the Paladins and the Jumpers. He has to use his abilities now to protect the ones he left behind eight years earlier.

Jumper is a decent movie with a solid plot but the story could have been told better.

Hayden Christensen’s acting is a low point of the movie because he entirely over acts.  However, in true girl fashion, I found the interaction between David and his romantic interest Millie to be one of the better parts of the movie. It is a little far fetched though that Millie would be willing to run off to Rome with a guy who was believed to be dead.  Even if she had like him in school, eight years had passed and running off to a foreign country seems a bit crazy.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the main Paladin, Roland, and definitely renews his role as a bad guy.  He hunts down Jumpers and seems to find joy in killing him. He wants to annihilate any Jumper. He pretends to be in several sectors of the government to be able to gain access to individuals who may have information he needs.

Griffin (Jamie Bell) is a Jumper just like David and helps him find his way in the battle.  Griffin is truly entertaining because of his relaxed while aggressive demeanor.  His character is my favorite.

I would recommend this movie for someone who just wants to zone out and not really think. It is an entertaining movie but does have some flaws. There are some good twist and turns but I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who is looking to have an intellectual experience.



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